Asset liquidation and the auction industry has changed.  Selling to a live crowd will probably never go away but to be competitive in today’s marketplace one must embrace e-commerce.  Buyers want it and most potential clients require it.

Over the years we have spoken to auctioneers across the United States and many have said they need to learn how to run online sales.  We are here to help.

We are prepared to be your applied science resource for establishing or growing an online auction business.  When you decide to work with us we will not just teach you, but show you on real projects in your market.  

When you decide to take this next step in your career we can provide you with two phases of training; one is web based instruction on how we “do it” from A-Z and the second is partnering with you on your first few transactions so you can gain the experience of running online auctions without the risk of “figuring it out as you go”.

You get immediate access to our experiences and expertise and can complete one phase or both.  The choice is yours.

We will help you build and manage your business, your buyer and client base, seamlessly and simply.

Auction professionals who want additional information should contact Rich Kruse at 614-885-0020 or OR Shawn Dostie at 740-502-1017 or