(Required ONLY if a potential purchaser is to be represented in this transaction by a broker or agent.  Form MUST be filed with auctioneer prior to buyer having contact with auctioneer, viewing property or registering to bid.)

  • This shall serve as written notice to register the above-referenced Prospective Buyer with Gryphon USA with respect to the above-referenced property to be sold at Public Auction on the above-referenced date.

    It is understood and agreed that the Broker commission will be governed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale as set forth in the information package. A 2% commission of the high bid price will be paid to the registered broker named herein if all of the following conditions are met: a) this Broker Acknowledgment Form is properly completed and submitted prior to any communication by Auctioneer with Prospective Buyer and before Prospective Buyer registers to bid b) the Broker attends all inspection periods (if any) with the Prospective Buyer c) the Broker attends the Auction with the Prospective Buyer (if live) d) the Prospective Buyer named herein is the highest bidder at the Auction Sale e) the Prospective Buyer named herein as the highest bidder at the Auction Sale executes a Memorandum of Sale f) the Prospective buyer closes on the sale of the subject property in accordance with the terms of the aforesaid Memorandum of Sale, g) the Court, in a Court Ordered Sale, approves the final sales price and commissions.

    Individual Agent/Broker may only represent one Prospective Buyer for any one property. Agents/Brokers acting as principals or employees, affiliates or immediate family members are not eligible for this commission. Modification to the Broker Acknowledgement terms must be made in writing and can only be modified with the written acknowledgement of Gryphon USA principal auctioneer. In order to be effective, all Broker Acknowledgment Forms must be received by Gryphon USA before client begins bidding.