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Asset Marketing in a Private Selling Officer Auction

As you reach Phase 3 of the process, the determination has already been made that a Private Selling Officer would be beneficial to the specific situation and you have selected a PSO to take on [...]

Working With a Private Selling Officer – Early Steps in the Process

  After you have made the decision that a Private Selling Officer auction is the right choice for your assets and have negotiated a fee agreement with your PSO, it’s time to get started.  The [...]

Kruse Appointed First Private Selling Officer in Four Ohio Counties

Gryphon Auction Group announces their upcoming private selling officer auctions in Ohio Columbus, OH – Richard Kruse, Managing Partner of Gryphon USA, Ltd, the parent company of Gryphon Auction Group, has been appointed as the [...]

Selecting A Private Selling Officer – Qualifications & Cost

Effective in September 2016, Ohio adopted revisions to R.C. § 2329.152 to include Private Selling Officers & Remote Bidding (ie. Online Auctions).  Many recent articles have focused on the changes in the law. In the [...]

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio House Bill 390, signed into law by Governor Kasich June 28, 2016 and just recently put into effect September 28, 2016, will likely set the precedent for the future of the [...]

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Revisions to Ohio’s Foreclosure Procedures Have Arrived

By Larry R. Rothenberg of Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Reprinted with permission of the author. In an abrupt move to beat the summer recess, the Ohio legislature passed H.B. 390, which becomes effective September 28, [...]

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